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When it comes to carpet flooring, you get plenty of great benefits all in one gorgeous floor covering. In addition to being the softest and most comfortable floor covering available, it also offers much more, with benefits you can put to use.

Always an excellent décor match, with a wide variety of colors and patterns, this floor covering also provides great durability and length of life when properly maintained. There are lots of other benefits as well, and you’ll find it even works for busy, active households as well. Let’s find out more.

What carpet can do for you

Carpet is the only flooring of its kind on the market today. With lush, comfortable fibers, and amazing colors and patterns, it’s a beautiful way to add design to any home. It’s welcoming and offers an amazing underfoot feel, but there’s far more to this material.

For instance, it’s great for heat retention, keeping your home much warmer in the cold months. It acts as an extra layer of insulation and makes a difference you’ll be able to see on your energy bill. It’s also great for noise reduction, especially between floors, creating quiet in all your spaces.
In this product line, one of your most important decisions is the fiber your flooring is made of. Some fibers are better suited for busy spaces, such as nylon and polyester. Additionally, some brands build stain protection into those fibers, giving you added stain resistance. This is a perfect option for homes with children or pets.

If allergies area concern in your home, be sure to ask your flooring professional about hypoallergenic fibers. These fibers trap and hold allergens like pollen, dander, and debris so you can vacuum them up and rid your home of them forever.

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